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Al "Calvin" Lim, Mississippi Certified Firearms Instructor

(626) 233-1709


Enhanced Carry  



Introduction to Handguns


Mississippi Enhanced Carry Class


Fee: $95*


Class: 8 hours




Course Description:

     Need to better understand or be better with firearms handling, especially with the handgun you carry every day? This class is for you. Introduction to Handguns is a basic, easy to understand, step-by-step class which not only teaches about handguns, but helps create a strong foundation about concealed carry and personal safety. Even if you are an experienced shooter, this class will be a good refresher course. Additionally, it fulfills the requirements for an enhanced carry permit for the State of Mississippi. This class will be packed with as much information and hands-on training as possible! Remember, knowledge is power, and personal safety is YOUR responsibility.


Course Outline:

·         Mindset: Awareness and safety

·         Manual of Operations of Handguns (including: how they work, types, ammunition, loading/unloading, etc.)

·         Marksmanship: How to hit your target

·         Firearm selection/gear

·         Firearms Safety: Four rules of gun handling

·         Range: Shooting and applying marksmanship

·         Handguns outside the range: Storage/safety and maintenance

·         Legal Talk: Use of force, MS CCW and EC laws

·         Review and Final Exam on Handgun proficiency



*The exam will compose of two parts: a written exam and a practical shooting exam. All material will be covered in class.



What to bring:

--Open mind and willingness to learn

-Working handgun, appropriate for concealed carry. Either revolver or semi-automatic (recommended: 9mm, .40sw, .45acp, .38spl., or .357mag., or whatever you have/carry)

-100 Rounds of FACTORY loaded ammunition (the shooting exam portion will take 50 rounds); you may bring more if you want to shoot afterwards or if you want more practice

-Wide brimmed hat/ball-cap for safety on range and sun protection

-Safety Glasses (ANSI rated)

-Hearing Protection (muffs recommended)

- Clothing appropriate for the weather

-Bug spray/sun block

- Driver’s license or state ID, military personnel also bring military ID

-Concealed carry permit (if you have one already)

-Pen and paper to take notes

-Bring a lunch, snacks, drinks—we do a working lunch




-While you should be familiar with firearms safety, the manual of arms for your weapon, and shooting at a range with others, ALL of these topics will be covered in class. Conduct yourself accordingly.

-Be familiar with the operations of your firearm, try to get to the range at least once leading up to the class and test the gear --(gun/mags/ammo/sights/holster/ear protection/eye protection) you will be using at the course.

Note: Please contact me if you need to verify if your firearm is suited for this class or if you have any questions.



Al "Calvin" Lim



*price subject to change/shift due to range fees, rentals, group size, etc. Price listing is Per student.