Mississippi  Firearms Training

Contact Information:


Al "Calvin" Lim, Mississippi Certified Firearms Instructor

(626) 233-1709



        Welcome to Mississippi Firearms Training!  We offer a variety of classes on self-defense and operating firearms for both NEW and EXPERIENCED shooters. Each class is sturctured to provide a consistent, practical and fun learning environment. Additionally, each student receives individualized tutoring for personal improvement regardless of his or her current skill level! 




Classes include: MS Enhanced Concealed Carry

and various intro, intermediate, and advanced level

handgun classes; combat rifle classes, defensive

shotgun classes, and more! Specialized,

individualized, and private classes are offered too,

please ask!






Our goal is simple: to help the "good-guys" better protect themselves in today's unpredictable and sometimes violent world. You will not only learn how to operate your firearm safely, but how to fight with your firearm(s) in a self-defense context. There is a significant difference between shooting (bullseye, recreational) and having the skills necessary to operate your firearm effectively under stress.

Whether for concealed carry, home-defense or protection of you and your family, get the most efficient and effective skills and tactics now! Consistency and competency in skills builds confidence--have that confidence and skill WHEN you need it.  Your gun is a just a tool; YOU are the weapon and your knowledge is power.